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Redefine Practice Success Through Prioritizing Leadership

  Strong leadership has never been so important to the success of a dental practice. The fast-paced demands of the dental industry are ever evolving and having key team members to support effective an efficient workflows equals success. When there is a lack of leadership a disconnect can develop between team members, as recognized by poor transparency and poor understanding of common practice goals and philosophies. This can lead to poor team culture and negatively impact patient care. Ultimately, leaving a dental practice extremely vulnerable. It's important to note that effective leadership doesn't just happen with a snap of a finger. Leadership also isn’t about "the one person" with a certain title to lead at the practice, such as the most senior teammate, the dentist or the manager. It can be those that have a natural tendency to be a good listeners and have the dedication to support those they work with. When dental practice teams m ake a conscious effort to rec
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What makes the ROLE of an RDH so Important?

 Why do RDH's rock ?  This list could go on and on ....... But here are a few powerful statements that demonstrate "cleaning teeth" does not even begin to capture the integral profession of dental hygiene. BIGSISRDH AAOSH Oral Cancer Foundation  Strictlydentalpro Dental Hygienists are true collaborators, ensuring team members understand how critical their role is within the dental practice. With on-going success related to strategies to educate patients on the importance of regular and proactive dental hygiene care. 

The role dental hygiene leaders play in shifting dental practices from good to great

  Dental practice teams have the capacity to create unique synergies and workflows supporting team cohesiveness. This allows for a readiness to accomplish goals and shift teams from good to great.  During discussions with dental practices, I've found common goals are to provide exceptional patient care and to exceed patient expectations with a unique patient experience.  We can all agree these are big goals. A fundamental area of the dental practice that can make impactful steps in supporting these types of goals is the hygiene department. When a dental practice fully understands the role and contributions of the hygiene team and prioritizes dental hygiene leadership it can  accelerate  the accomplishment of big picture goals.  Registered dental hygienist are providers, ultimately leading their patients to health or keeping their patients engaged and motivated to stay healthy.  If we apply the same principle to the hygiene team, and the dental practice this “lead” role is equally i

Overcoming Team Challenges During a Pandemic

 Today running an efficient dental practice while keeping up with the advances of delivery of care, during a pandemic, can be an area that overwhelms many dental professionals.   Whether you are a practice owner, administrative or clinical team member, being part of a successful practice is important to everyone.  Working at a leading office allows one to feel proud, accomplished and part of something that is a reflection of their contribution to the dental industry.  A dental office is continually balancing a number of priorities. We've all experienced its fast pace and ever changing environment, with team members that can have different insights as to areas that lead to practice success. However, the areas of  importance that overlap with each team members role should be the focus of daily activities. It's these common areas of importance that will help the team navigate through challenging times. Some common areas of importance within a practice:   Communication with each ot


The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed our day-to-day routine. We have each experienced the far-reaching impact on many aspects of life. However, the slow down in dentistry due to COVID-19 has also given us the time to truly reflect on personal and professional experiences.  There are many external sources of information influencing and shaping our current views. Some are fact based and others are pure speculation. I have personally read and listened to endless content focused on the current state of dentistry, and how our industry will survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Much of this content, in my opinion is leaving dental professionals  with many questions and unknowns.  For example, how can we go back to practice and create the aerosols we typically produce?  How do we best protect ourselves, our patients our families and community? Will patients who are asymptomatic be capable of transmitting COVID-19 infectious agents? These are just a few pondering thoughts and c

Supporting Initiatives that Lead to Change

As a past board member of Gift from the Heart (GFTH) and current activist for change when it comes to access to care, I have made it my objective to help spread GFTH awareness and inspire dental hygienists to get involved. I have also been privileged to work for a company, that being, "Oral Science", that is a proud to support GFTH.  When I was asked a few months ago if Oral Science would support GFTH 2020, I quickly received the approval needed to move forward with our involvement. During my conversations with the GFTH executive the need for Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) came up as a priority area. Over the last 2.5 years I have been part of educating dental professionals on how and when to use SDF, specifically Advantage Arrest. One of the most rewarding experiences I get to have on a daily basis, is hearing how Advantage Arrest has made a positive impact on oral health outcomes for at risk patients in many different types of practices. This is w

GFTH 2020 : Having the chance to change someone's life

What if you had the chance to change someone's life, provide services to those in need, be part of raising awareness for access to care issues across our country, while highlighting the role of the dental hygienist as a key oral health care provider. This is truly what "Gift from the Heart" is all about. It's about using our platform, our voice and and our skills as registered dental hygienists to give back to the community and make a difference in oral health and general health outcomes. Each province across Canada is dealing with a variety of access to care issues, some more complex than others. However, the reality is Canadians of all ages are not able to access regular dental care. GFTH was created to meet the needs of these people and fill the gap that exists. As dental hygienists we can provide a variety of preventative services, but even more importantly we can help identify red flags, risk factors, and areas of concern that are related to conditions su

A Leader in Dental Hygiene

re-produced/copied from A Leader in Dental Hygiene Dimensions of Dental Hygiene  Brand Ambassador Lisa Hardill, RDH, BHADM, talks about her efforts to further the profession across Canada. By  The Editors   On  Nov 19, 2019    0 Lisa Hardill, RDH, BHADM A s a teen growing up in Canada, Lisa Hardill, RDH, BHADM, kick-started her career in dental hygiene while in high school by joining a co-op program that let her spend one day a week in a dental office. This hands-on experience sparked Hardill’s passion to learn more about the field. Now, her diverse background in dentistry and dental hygiene includes experience in public health, independent and private practice, education, and sales. Over the past 15 years, Hardill has held numerous positions in dental hygiene—from a quality assurance peer assessor for the College of Dental Hygienists of Ontario (CDHO), to a noncouncil member of CDHO’s Registr