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Redefine Practice Success Through Prioritizing Leadership

  Strong leadership has never been so important to the success of a dental practice. The fast-paced demands of the dental industry are ever evolving and having key team members to support effective an efficient workflows equals success. When there is a lack of leadership a disconnect can develop between team members, as recognized by poor transparency and poor understanding of common practice goals and philosophies. This can lead to poor team culture and negatively impact patient care. Ultimately, leaving a dental practice extremely vulnerable. It's important to note that effective leadership doesn't just happen with a snap of a finger. Leadership also isn’t about "the one person" with a certain title to lead at the practice, such as the most senior teammate, the dentist or the manager. It can be those that have a natural tendency to be a good listeners and have the dedication to support those they work with. When dental practice teams m ake a conscious effort to rec

What makes the ROLE of an RDH so Important?

 Why do RDH's rock ?  This list could go on and on ....... But here are a few powerful statements that demonstrate "cleaning teeth" does not even begin to capture the integral profession of dental hygiene. BIGSISRDH AAOSH Oral Cancer Foundation  Strictlydentalpro Dental Hygienists are true collaborators, ensuring team members understand how critical their role is within the dental practice. With on-going success related to strategies to educate patients on the importance of regular and proactive dental hygiene care.