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The Future for RDH's is Bright!

The future for dental hygienists has never looked so bright. I can feel it in my bones. If I were to anticipate what the future will bring, this is what I see; There is going to be a heightened acknowledgement for our role in reducing both oral and systemic inflammation. Dentistry, medicine and the public will thoroughly understand the level of our expertise, and our mission to assess the "whole person" not just their oral cavity. Leading to an awareness of the role dental hygienists have, that being, a focus on oral and general health outcomes.  We are not procedure driven, we are outcome driven, as each client is unique. Health care professionals in all areas of medicine will see the value in oral health assessments, and understand chronic inflammatory health conditions cannot be managed without managing oral inflammation. We are going to continue to advocate for a standard of care that is more universal and comprehensive, leading to elevated health. We are goin