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The role dental hygiene leaders play in shifting dental practices from good to great

  Dental practice teams have the capacity to create unique synergies and workflows supporting team cohesiveness. This allows for a readiness to accomplish goals and shift teams from good to great.  During discussions with dental practices, I've found common goals are to provide exceptional patient care and to exceed patient expectations with a unique patient experience.  We can all agree these are big goals. A fundamental area of the dental practice that can make impactful steps in supporting these types of goals is the hygiene department. When a dental practice fully understands the role and contributions of the hygiene team and prioritizes dental hygiene leadership it can  accelerate  the accomplishment of big picture goals.  Registered dental hygienist are providers, ultimately leading their patients to health or keeping their patients engaged and motivated to stay healthy.  If we apply the same principle to the hygiene team, and the dental practice this “lead” role is equally i