Get your volunteering on! GFTH

Have you heard about "Gift form the Heart" 💜 (GFTH) ?

It's all about utilizing our skills as registered dental hygienists to give back to the community.

We know as dental professionals there are young and the old across Canada that are not able to access regular dental care for themselves or their family. GFTH has designated a day ( This year- Saturday April 6th) where we can all unite to provide no cost dental care to those in need.

As dental hygienists we can decide to focus on an area of our scope of practice that meets the needs of the population we are planning on serving. For example, oral hygiene instruction, fluoride treatment, scaling/debridement, oral cancer screening, smoking cessation, and nutritional counselling.

What's really amazing about the day is each and every volunteer decides on the services they want to provide and the amount of time they're able to give on April 6th. There will be registered dental hygienists seeing clients in private practice setting, independent hygiene offices, school locations, community centres, retirement homes and long term care facilities......

To Sum It Up! You get to choose;
The time you give on this one day event
The location you want to work in
The services you will be providing

Still think you are not able to get involved this year. Well, there are some other options I'd like you to consider. It's also about the little things that we can do to take part, and make a DIFFERENCE!

1. Continue to spread the GFTH message and event detail with all dental professionals across Canada.

2. Visit and purchase a piece of jewellery to show your support. Use code gfth15 and save 15% and 15% will also go to help support GFTH - non-profit organization.

3. Check out ! This is a service that everyone in the office can benefit from! When dental offices use diamond sharp services a portion of all sales will go the GFTH.

If anyone reading this has further questions, please let me know.  I am on the Board of Directors for GFTH and would be more then happy to help.

Here is the website:

Your truly,
Lisa 💜


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